The Pand P Podium Foundation aims to:

*stimulate live music with a quirky character

*stimulate young musical talent in the Eindhoven region

*broaden the offer of live music in the Eindhoven region.

Board members:
Charles Knibbeler, Marion Lensen and Jacques van Erven.

Support Pand P Podium

Financial support from donors is indispensable for Pand P Podium. It enables us to make a good quality program and to support the musicians.

Send an email to to become a donor.

Stichting Pand Podium has a Culturele ANBI-status (Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). An organisation can only be an ANBI if it’s organisation’s efforts are committed to the public benefit. ANBI’s have a number of Dutch tax advantages.

More information about ANBI:

Policy Plan

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Annual report

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